Around the Catholic Table

One year ago, I launched my e-cookbook, Around the Catholic Table: 77 Recipes for Easy Hospitality. Our hope was that it would help us raise enough money to adopt a second child debt-free. By God’s grace, it did. And seven months after our fundraiser went live, we adopted a beautiful baby boy: Becket Christopher Martin Chapman.

After Becket’s birth, we spent three weeks with him in a NICU in Dallas. We arrived home, exhausted, but over the moon in love with our little man. We thought that maybe someday we would adopt again, but with a two-year-old and newborn preemie, we also knew that any future adoptions would have to wait. Our hands were full and our bank account was empty.

Not six days later, though, my husband walked into the kitchen with some news. Our first son Toby’s birthparents were expecting again. They could not and would not parent. Would we?

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One thought on “Around the Catholic Table

  1. Beth says:

    Emily, last weekend I was looking for some spiritual reading that I could get on Audible to listen to while doing a project in my yet unfinished and eagerly awaited kitchen addition. I found The Catholic Table. I too am the mother of two adopted children.
    I have since bought and read These Lovely Bones.
    So, obviously, I needed to get your cookbook and help you get that new baby home! God Bless!

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